Hair Nightmare Beer

I’m giving myself three months with the Ring to get fit because, after that, I have a strong feeling it’s gonna get boring for me, and while seeking something new, I’m gonna do nothing except eat! ugh! The jogging workout was great btw!

Had my first really very extremely bad hair day since going natural. I bought unusual shampoo and conditioner because Shoppers was out of stock. This morning, as soon as the shampoo touched my hair, I could feel it sucking all the moisture away. I immediately washed it out, but it wasn’t fast enough. My hair was such a tangled mess I wondered if I’d have to cut it all off and start over.

Over moisturization to the rescue – I used almost an entire container of this hydrating hair mask. All good now. I know how I want to style my hair for the winter, but I need help doing it, and OMG … I still cannot get an appointment at Crown n’ Glory

Nightmare Beer from Slayer Burger

Bossman said he stocked the fridge with ciders, I’m looking forward to being in the office next week.

Dad said the Dyson return process is normal and that’s how most companies operate. Well … it ain’t normal for me. It’s not my fault that your QA is shit, but now you are making it my problem by inconveniencing the fuck outta me! How your people didn’t notice that shit wouldn’t turn on? Maybe there was a power outage at the time of testing. Still! Ain’t my problem! Shit! Why can’t you send me the replacement product with the shit I need to return the defective one!

And like … what are the odds of me getting this useless thing! I wish I knew.

Overall? I’m well and alright. wabi-sabi.

Wed Sep 07, 2022

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