Tomorrow. Tomorrow.

🎶 … I love you. Tomorrow. You’re only a day away. 🎶 Yay Friday!

I’d like to go to the office tomorrow cause Bossman Jr. will be there but, as you know, I only got enough clothes in my weight class for two days of work.

Did I tell you about the time Bossman called me fat? “Sam! Your appearance is offensive and embarrasses the company. Our clients don’t care for fat people. You’re fired!” Well … he didn’t say that exactly but that’s what I heard. Ok. The real story. I was wondering out loud why I’m hot all the time and I used to be freezing cold then Bossman said something about insulation.

Dental floss was desperately required today. Usually, I’d have a few of those floss sticks in my bag but I don’t know what happened. Replaced my stash today because of the leftover ossobuco I had for lunch. And I bought a pack for the office. I’m proud to let you know, I made ossobuco once. Maybe twice. Many years ago.

Happy with my productivity I am!

It annoys me when people talk about not wanting to be judged. Unrealistic!!! As a society, we assess everything about each other all the time. I know I judge and my standards are astronomically high, possibly, but I hold myself to those same standards so it’s alright. Right?

I’m cool with being judged.
Judge away!


Today was horrendous – one of the worse mornings of my life. But I’m over it! And fortunate for me, my shitty mornings rarely occur on meeting days. And if they do, I will always be ready with Red Bull and cocaine.

Jet-fuel-powered wings bitch! Finally! My Personal Jesus came through. Thank you God! BTW …

Dear God, Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost Almighty:

It’d be nice if the cocaine was free.
I’m on a budget!
I shouldn’t have to tell you that.

(Ain’t you ‘pose to know everything?)

FYI: Imma tell you this for yr own benefit –
People don’t like know-it-alls!


There’s nothing wrong with finishing a 750 ml bottle of wine alone, in under an hour, is there? Oh! And to my future employer, if I ever need one, I was only joking about the Red Bull.

2023.01.05 (Thu)

— Samantha Williams —

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