Jun 2 – Journal Entry

The lighting is putting on a beautiful show this evening. I got home just before the rain came – André and I went out to play ball but again, there were too many people around the court and I was cold and miserable. So after I came home and grabbed my jacket, we ended up going to Subway instead.

I watched Cock Blockers today – uproarious

I’m sure tomorrow I will see videos others have captured – It’s been lighting up in the same spot for about thirty minutes, at least. It reminds me of War of the Worlds. Soon tripod aliens will be coming out of the ground. I don’t know why some images are clearer than others – I wish I could show you the lightning rods. I also wish I had a good video of it. I am grateful for the lightning show. A majestic end to a long day. I couldn’t stop staring.

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