There is construction going on below and beside my unit, but it feels like it’s all around me. My head hurts.

The virtual live model event I attended on Meetup was fantastic. I learned that gestures don’t have to be big sweeping motions, which I had a difficult time with. This way feels better to me. And I also learned how to build on the gestures with geometric shapes. Technically I don’t know it yet but it was cool to watch someone do it. That was the first 15-20 minutes the next 90+ was practicing with actual live models and listening to people talk about whatever. Cool right! I’m looking forward to the next session – I think it’s weekly.

We are supposed to have a recession this year. I am still cleaning up WP Following list and today I wondered why I didn’t see some wonderful sites before – maybe they don’t post often or they got lost in the clutter? Doesn’t matter. I am aware of them now. Sometimes I wonder if this exercise is even necessary; for whatever reason, I need to do it! And now that I started, I must finish! Silly!

Do you remember years ago when I found a few of my surviving journals from teens to twenties and I said I’d put them online but then I changed my mind – now maybe I am changing my mind again? For now, I will put them in a box. Put the box somewhere and forget about them for a few years and when I refine them they will be new. BTW … Dee and Dre don’t read my posts so I can say whatever I want about them.

Today I had much difficulty picking a poem for IG – and I ended up not posting anything – I will try again tomorrow or Thursday. Otherwise, next week. My bottle of mango achar is finally finished. The Guyanese version, not the Indian one. Even though Dee and I aren’t competing this week, I don’t want to fall out of routine – gotta workout.

I made my bed but I don’t wish to lie in it for fear I may not wake up on time for the office. I will sleep on the futon in the living room instead. Starting tomorrow I have to make a checklist for my data analysis stuff.

Sleep! However you like.

2023.01.10 (Tue)

— Samantha Williams —

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