Apr 21 – Journal Entry

I wonder if anyone has ever gotten stuck in a yoga pose – like Destroyer of the Universe, or Tripod Headstand Lotus Leg.

Don’t have much to say today. I had to remind myself to stop working so I could start writing. I almost didn’t get to my word of the day. I wrote a limerick.

I took a mental break from work and ended up watching a few episodes of Capture on Amazon Prime, which set me back two hours. I didn’t start writing until eight-ish.     

Yesterday I was pissed off with Bob, today I feel for him. Bob’s still being Bob, of course, but maybe it’s fear of some unknown thing that’s driving his behaviour, or lack of direction, both are sad.

I downloaded Bumble and OkC yesterday – I have yet to finish setting them up. On Bumble you can date or look for best friends.

My girlfriend told me her marriage is healthy because they were best friends for like five years before they got married. She says intimacy can be super simple, like sharing your day (not venting) or cooking together. 

I just remembered – a few years ago I was riding the subway, summertime, morning, on my way to work – this guy in yellow mirrored sunglasses about four meters away was staring at me. Yes! I know he was wearing sunglasses but I could feel him staring. 

It was sexual, or the stare made me feel like it was sexual – Primal. I didn’t feel threatened. I didn’t move, partly because I was curious but I was also trying to make sense of what I was feeling … like what is happening? I would look at him, then look away, then look again. He never stopped staring at me and his expression never changed. I can’t explain it, but I will never forget it.  

I am going to start trying to writing basic words in Japanese script, (Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji) – ordered from easiest to hardest. I think it will help me with pronouncing and remembering. Hiragana is easiest for me, I already recognize some characters. I have to install Japanese keyboard though.

So much for having nothing to say!

oyasumi na sai (Good night 🙂 )

Feature Photo Credit: @linesacross via Twenty20

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