Meal Prep Meditation

I have four social media accounts, WP, LinkedIn, The Bird (not in use), and IG. I am still doing a bunch of unfollowing because I only have so much time and my attention is easily diverted Oooh look! … Wait! What was I gonna do again?

When I spend a few minutes a week supporting others that activity cannot be clouded with distractions. I will read the post, skim comments and like any reflecting how I feel or leave a comment then on to the next.

At one point, when I first started it felt wrong to unfollow people. But this is about me and my time not them and their content. And although I find almost everything interesting, if I cannot soak it up and take something away or if spending more time is going to eat into something else I must do then forget it (for now), until my priorities shift again.

Although I believe you can find inspiration and relevant information where you least expect it, I still cannot pay deliberate non-superficial attention to all the fantastic things in the world.

I also want to reduce my LinkedIn network – I will see about that this weekend. I rarely reach out to anyone. My real personality is also my virtual one. Also, as much as I want to run, run training can quickly gobble up my time so I need to be careful.

BTW: My meal prep skills require serious attention – I fail over and over again.

“Alright,” I say

After a visualization exercise
which usually takes place while meditating

“I have a pretty good idea of what I will eat today!”

Meal prep? Done!

A few years back I bought a bunch of containers to help with the process. It didn’t work. I’ve repurposed many of them as drawer and art supplies organizers.

Requesting more reggae and soca music on Just Dance. I’m rearranging my room again – this new layout should last until the end of Q1 2023. I’m researching the Netherlands to write a story about the owls painting, How Well We Go Together by Adriaen van de Venne.

Do you remember those Freedom 55 commercials? I can still make it yes! As always, wish me discipline!

I’m looking forward to the Feminist Poet Series – Gwendolyn Brooks meetup on Dec 28.

Thu Dec 22, 2022

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