Cut It Out Lights!

I think I’m allergic to something, I have a rash-looking patch on part of my face.

Tomorrow is office day. My bag is packed, and I will remember for to ask security to turn on the lights. And they will tell me the lights are on and I will go upstairs, but the lights won’t be on, then I will have to go back downstairs and tell them the lights aren’t on and they will say to me, “Lady! The lights thems are on!” And again I will go upstairs, and the lights won’t be on …

… and this will continue until it is time for me to go home, and I won’t get any work done, and Bossman will be pissed, and I will tell him, “Bossman! Look! Thems kept telling me the lights thems was on, but them wasn’t.”

It’s no one’s fault sometimes lights have a mind of their own. If your lights ever play with you, just play back. Okay! And every time you go away – take the light switches with you (Paul Young said. Sorta).

🎶 When I took you out. I knew what you were all about. But when I did. I didn’t mean to turn you on. I know you were expecting a one-night stand. When I refused, I knew you wouldn’t understand.

You read me wrong. I wasn’t trying to lead you on. Not like you think. I didn’t mean to turn you on. I told you twice. I was only trying to be nice. Only trying to be nice. Oh, I didn’t mean to turn you on. I didn’t mean to turn you on. 🎶

I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On – Robert Palmer

It’s official! Dre is not a fan of poetry. Sometimes I read my stuff to the Boys, and Matt will like or dislike, but Dre is clueless – “I don’t get it.” is often his response. I think it was a recent poem, Black, where he came out and said, “I don’t like poems.”

I punched him in his temple, then used his wifebeater to choke him. “Ok. I like it. I like it.” He said between vasticular gasps for air. (vasticular is not a word – don’t bother looking it up!)

Then I told him, “You will always love all my poems, even if you don’t. Otherwise, you won’t be so fortunate in the future. I went to the Blood Eagle Seminar. You remember that next time you wanna talk about what you don’t like!”

He’s my son, and I love him, but my poetry means more to me.

Spy Time:

Phrase: To the touchdown dance moves the sensors were insensitive. 

Response: Sunday Night Office Security Lights

I would like some ice cream, NOT from the Ice Cream Man (Sam you’re gross!) However, I know, I won’t want to go on the scale in the morning. So No! I hope you have an easier time resisting the urge for things that aren’t good for yourfutureself.

Wish me luck to finish Sonnet Five tonight – another variation on rhyming scheme, the Petrarcan Sonnet (named after Francesco Petrarca). There are so many variations, I intend to write each one.

If I write one sonnet a month how long will it take me to write 155 (One more than Shakespear)? 155/12=13 years. WTF! I’ll have to cut that in half but maintain quality, which means, if I feel good about my poem, I will publish it.

Go big or go home! That’s my thing, it doesn’t have to be yours!

Tue May 03, 2022

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