Journal Entry – Mon Nov 16

Maybe I shared this article with you already, but perhaps I only read it before. How Stigma Makes it Harder to Fight Epidemics

I woke up this morning wondering how my children will remember me when I’m gone. What character traits and values will they assign? What stories will make them laugh. Seeing as how I’m still alive, I plan to ask. This would make for great dinner conversation. I will have to add a disclaimer as Matt is likely to think I have a deadly disease. Once I’ve collected input I will let you know.

Well … drink free since Thursday, November 12, 2020. Four whole days. Did I need someone to challenge me? Why can’t I challenge myself!? The doctor called to see how I was doing and if I went to the lab (I hate needles). I told her about my massive headache, and ickiness but that was only the first day, and I don’t know if my sweats are related to withdrawal or cause they crank up the damn heat.

Now she gave me a new challenge – Two weeks and if I make the two weeks, then no alcohol during the Christmas holidays – which I told her I’m worried about. Yesterday Dee offered to make me a martini (my favourite drink), but I said no. But in my head, I was concerned about caving, especially when I saw the glass, and smelled the smell. I worried I might binge before going to bed, but I didn’t! But I also felt like I was missing out on something. Isn’t that weird? Like what am I missing out on exactly?

I think my blood work will be fine but worse case, I could get a new liver from my organ garden. Mayhaps part of my motivation is showing my children that I can change. Plus I wanna be healthy so I can continue kickin’ ass at work!

I’m making bone broth (still on low in the slow cooker). I added chicken feet for extra collagen. I also have marrow bones soaking in sea salt ice water in the fridge. According to the recipe, I have to change the water every four hours for 12-24 hours – that’s supposed to remove impurities. I plan to roast them tomorrow. The kids have never had marrow like this. Hopefully, they like it.

Feature Photo Credit: @MargJohnsonVA via Twenty20

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