Dance Machine

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I can’t make my bed first thing, because if I stop to do that, I won’t exercise or go to the grocery store or make my smoothie or write. Whatever good thing is calling me, it might not happen if I take those few minutes to tidy up. Now, I make my bed after because the other things are more important.

I want to run but I’m not taking any chances on those jacked-up treadmills we have downstairs – I love making people laugh but I don’t want to get hurt in the process. Plus, I refuse to pay for access anywhere else. My gym time starts again in Jan when I gotta use up my 90-something PT sessions. In the meantime, I’ll keep dancing and ringfitting.

Dee’s not gonna win our seven-day competition this time.

I still got the moves like Jagger!


Bossman sent us two great articles to read. When I do my capstone project, it will be healthcare-related. I’ve been getting familiar with BigQuery – people talk about all the data that’s out there all the time but when you see it, it’s crazy! There are datasets for blackholes, the international census, all the ports in the world, liquor sales in Iowa, NYT system. There are 6,248,327,191 rows of NOAA data on lightning strikes. Amazing! I’m supposed to be practicing SQL, instead, I get caught up in looking at all the data.

I’m only on chapter four of Can’t Hurt Me – Armoured Mind. There are eleven chapters in the book, 356 pages. According to my math, I’m not gonna finish tomorrow. I bought tuna steaks, and I plan on cooking them tomorrow. MFP has a fasting feature in their app now – works out to a basic timer. For the next few weeks, I will (want to) keep my caloric intake to around 600.

I need to move like this every day!

Three hours left in the day. I go RingFit!

Sat Dec 17, 2022

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