Unexpected Holidays Rock

I woke up this morning ready to work – had my list of three … was ~ two hours in when I saw that today was New Year’s holiday. Fabulous!!! I immediately wrapped up what I was doing and went back to bed. Last night was awful for some reason. Well, probably because I spent Sunday lying about. 

I love skipping – I will take my jump rope to the gym. Another fun way for me to get my cardio. If I don’t like using stationary bikes, does that mean I won’t like riding a bike – by the time the weather gets nicer, I should be able to run to the gym or bike if I have one.

On a sad note. They are closing gyms again – I just hope it doesn’t go past the end of Jan – why aren’t gyms considered personal care services? Why can’t they reduce the capacity further to like 25%? I’m wondering what contact tracing shows for people who caught COVID at a gym vs mall vs indoor dining, vs social gathering vs whatever else. My concern is my ability to stay motivated and consistently continue my workout at home – Do this I can I do this. 😒😱

AND guess what? Today I made it to 9 speed for ten to 20 seconds but only four times; I couldn’t do six, but my trainer said four is good still. I even got to the point where the weather doesn’t put a damper on my gyming. I went out when it was icy yo! Three weeks – I can stay motivated for three weeks, yes! 

I will keep my workout time to 6:30 pm Mon-Fri and keep my calorie burn consistent. Again, I am thinking about getting a treadmill; it makes more sense this time; I just don’t want to lose my gains, and I need to find bodyweight workouts.

Did I ever tell you about when I bought cognac and cigar whiskey After Hours essential oil? Said it’s supposed to be relaxing, so I’m all excited. Put a few drops in my Asakuki diffuser, closed the window and left my bedroom. I waited about an hour before reentering, looking forward to the smell the entire time. It smelled like an old man’s basement, where he spends the day playing poker, drinking whiskey, smoking cigars and talking about the good ol’ days with his companions. 

That’s it and my makeshift Pomodoro timer for when I have stuff to do that I don’t wanna do.

Tell me why I thought I would appreciate that smell in the bedroom. My days of smoking cigars are long behind me. Drinking whiskey? Not so much! But I still have it, which means I will try using it again at some point. It came with another bottle of something, but I threw that one out. I love vanillas, woodsy/musky scents.

Do you remember how I didn’t put any page breaks in my other journals? I may have to go back and do so cause it is hard for me to find and reference info – even my microbursts I cannot locate. AND I am back to one post per journal entry, which will make it easier for me to tag and find later. UGH! Live and relearn! 

Kitchen – Pencil in Procreate

Everytime the boys wear a pair of the socks I got them for Christmas, I say, “Nice socks. Who got those for you!?” Today, Dré was like, “You really gonna say that everytime.

“Yes! Yes I am!” I should have tooken a pic of the socks – thems so colorful and pretty and the designs are funky.

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