Chips And Soda

Today I learned of Czech poet Jaroslav Seifert from the show Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime. Gems are everywhere!

Have you checked to see what’s in the public domain for 2023? Go look! Mickey Mouse will be entering in 2024 – Steamboat Willy is from 1928. Nothing Canadian is entering for another 20 years – Some consider it robbing the public. I don’t care much. There’s lots of other great stuff out there.

… The work of Rebecca Giblin, Jacob Flynn, and Francois Petitjean, looking at What Happens When Books Enter the Public Domain? is relevant here. Their study shows concretely and empirically that extending copyright has no benefit to the public at all, and only benefits a very few wealthy, well known estates and companies.

I don’t know enough about copyright law (and I always wanna spell it as “copywrite” – I can hear people saying, “You’re too stupid to have an opinion!”). However true that may be, if I compare this twenty-year extension with Bill-C11 they feel counterintuitive. On one hand, you want to expose people to Canadian content by making it easier to find/see on streaming platforms, but by having this twenty-year extension you are doing the opposite. No?

Fuck your feelings!

Said the Canadian Copyright Law to me!

Perhaps I am conflating but I don’t think so because all kinds of content can enter the PD, not just books and when content is available anyone in the world can use it. This is a Bossman, Jer and Sam lunchtime discussion. They help me see where my reasoning may be flawed.

Christmas dinner at Dee’s is officially cancelled. Wednesdays are shaping up to be the perfect day for an exercise break.

The other day I went to the recreation center but they only have three treadmills and they look as old as the two we have downstairs. My life feels like a disaster at the moment – I don’t know where that’s coming from, but I will ignore it until it goes away. Or …

Better yet, I will wallow and nourish it with comfort food. Feelings of worthlessness are easier to digest with food that’ll eventually kill ya!

Wed Dec 21, 2022

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