To Rediscoveries! Cheers!

Can I write more than one story about my friend Phil? I published some stuff today, but it wasn’t from the poem I was working on. I wish I could draw for you Phil on stage as his one manspider quartet.

All day I been listening and dancing intermittently to Afrobeats. I love everything I hear but I have a new favourite artist named Tekno and he has a song called Samantha

I can’t find my first sketchbook, and I may have to get Netflix back because it was much easier there to find French movies/shows to watch. And while I was looking all over the place for my book, I found these Korean figurines – them is magnetic and breakable. I didn’t put them up cause I live with boys.

Rediscoveries make me happy. What have you rediscovered lately?

The Hill of Montmartre by Vincent van Gogh

Do you remember Martin Mystery? I need to get myself an eraser shield.

Sat Jul 30, 2022

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