Journal Entry – Sun Sep 27

I should go outside and play – Again, I asked the kids if they wanted to play tag and I got a bunch of groans from Matt and Dee. André is down. Tag is so much fun. I need new children. You can’t play tag with two people. Well … I guess you could but that would be boring. André reminded us that there are variations on tag too, like freeze tag and manhunt.

André and I haven’t even played basketball or handball in a while. That reminds me, you should watch Tag (2018) – it’s a true story about a group of friends that get together every year and play tag but they take it to the extreme – it’s hilarious. (I feel like maybe I told you this before).

I forgot how much I love philosophy – this course, Understanding the Dark Side of Human Nature, takes me back to university. I’d love to sit in the student center and have debates or just listen to others. I could imagine myself hanging out in a coffeehouse in Central London way, way, way back in the day, exchanging ideas with writers, politicians and working women. Or maybe even further back to a coffeehouse in one of the Arab nations – although, I don’t think they called them coffeehouses and you probably wouldn’t find a West African woman there.

My coworker recommended taking a virtual tour via Google while I am on vacation but I can’t find my headset. The Patriots and the Falcons won their games today. I don’t really watch the games until we get to the Superbowl.

Sometimes I read tabloid news (don’t look at me like that) – I get tidbits of info from everywhere. I have a funny story to share with you. Ready for the summary …

A 50 yr old man was refused a burger at the McDonalds drive thru because he was on a mobility scooter. Now as I kept reading I found myself thinking, “Buddy, you shouldn’t be eating at McDonalds anyway!” Apparently he couldn’t sleep so he went for a scoot and on his way back decided to stop for the new triple cheeseburger. But get this, he’s disabled, obese, by what I gathered from the pic, on liquid morphine, has lupus and osteoporosis. He said he felt discriminated against because they didn’t serve him but maybe that person saved his life. OMG!!! (Source: UK Mirror)

Gotta work tomorrow there’s something I forgot to do for a client before I left on Friday – shouldn’t take me more than an hour or maybe two. All of a sudden I can’t see my boss’ calendar in Outlook and I have to send some dates for an integration convo.

OMG – you should have heard the vile sewage that came out of Matt’s mouth today – I was disgusted. Ewwww! He was cursing someone in his online game. I am not going to repeat it – it will soil my entry. I immediately got up and addressed it. Why does he think he can talk to anyone like that? I will unplug everything indefinitely, if I ever hear anything like that from him ever again.

Three Prozac pills left – aside from diarrhea, nausea and drowsiness, I don’t feel any different. Thanks for nothing Prozac! I have a meeting with my doctor tomorrow, more than likely she will up the dosage.

I feel like my writing sucks now or like I have nothing poetic to say.

I guess yesterday Tiger was just exploring, cause he didn’t come out at all today – His new haunt is the shipwreck. Him and DJ hang out at night drinking and talking about their problems. Oh shoot, I forgot to put the bacteria growth stuff in the tank (will do it right after this post)

Basil pesto v2.0 – Check! This time I experimented by adding kale leaves and roasted sunflower seeds to the recipe – I think the kale made it a bit bitter at the end, but I added more salt, I didn’t want to add sugar. I think sugar is supposed to counter bitterness. It still goes down smooth, like Lake Street Drive. Next time maybe I will try spinach or baby kale or stick to the original recipe.

When was the last time you listened to the mandolin rain? I heard it yesterday. “I can’t stand the rain, against my window.” – Ann Peebles and Missy Elliott.

BTW – There are no more midnight trains to Georgia.

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