Jun 17 – Journal Entry

I read that people are creating private groups on Facebook and using images of George Floyd, or other black men, to entice users to join. Only to find out after joining that it’s a hate group. “… hardcore white supremacist recruiting everyday racist.” Private Facebook groups are using ‘Justice for George Floyd’ as a cloak for racist behavior – I shouldn’t have read that article.

I don’t get why people are filled with so much hate for any group or person. Hate is such a heavy burden, even thinking about it weighs me down. I guess they’ve grown accustomed to carrying it around. Wearing it like a badge and maybe they even love it, because they don’t know anything else. There might be fear underneath all that hate. Kinda like how hurt is under anger (my go-to emotion)

SIGH – picture me crying like Snoopy or Peter (crying like Snoopy) on Family Guy) πŸ™‚

I’m retaking a break from the media. I did for a bit after Floyd’s murder made the news. It’s hard for me to deal, that’s why I’ve never been a big news fan – I figured if it is super important, I will hear about it. HEADLINE: Zombie Outbreak: Virus Leaked from CDC Lab – I’d hear about that!

I’m looking forward to going to the office tomorrow!

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  1. When I did A level German I studied the Lost Honour of Katarina Blum. It had so big an impact on my juvenile perspective on life that I haven’t read ‘Papers’ for over 50 years. Dodging social media is another matter. I love YouTube for expanding my mind – I just have to not read the comments and be determined to make up my own mind. 😊 x

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    1. I just read the summary sounds interesting – it is on my watchlist πŸ™‚ There is some good stuff out there. I decided to seek info when I need it, rather than having auto feeds sent to my devices.


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