Art and Motherhood

Can I be the only mother in the history of the world who doesn’t want to do this thankless, shitty job anymore? I can’t be. Can I? If only I knew what I was signing up for! Maybe you’re not supposed to talk about it. Well, I’m fuckin’ talking! Thank you for listening! Should I not want to feel appreciated? Should I not get tired? (heavy sigh). Moving on …

Every morning upon awakening, I experience a supreme pleasure: that of being Salvador Dali, and I ask myself, wonderstruck, what prodigious thing will he do today, this Salvador Dali.

I hope you also feel like Dali every morning

I realized, again, that some things are straightforward for me to learn, and others are tough. I approach everything like it’s a parkette walk, only to find out I’m in the jungle. On a different planet, and something’s trying to kill me. (Predators 2010). Why do I automatically feel everything I want to learn will be easy? I don’t know!

When in the jungle, I initially get scared but orient myself and get whatever I need to succeed, including help. HELP!!! And my brain is constantly processing, like it does shit in the background without me and then hands me the solution. I know that sounds weird, but that’s how it feels. I don’t know how else to explain it, and every time it happens, I’m always surprised. “Oh! Thank you Brain! Who is also Pinky sometimes!”

… What Picasso and most other Europeans misunderstood about African art was its sophistication. Entrenched racial biases meant Europeans downgraded anything African as “primitive” and believed the [ceremonial] masks’ abstracted features were the result of a lack of ability. In fact, all African masks and sculptures are the products of long-established cultures that, although different from those of the West, have their own sophisticated and complex modes of thought. They express entire realms of spiritual wisdom about the forces of the natural world and the power of relationships.

Secret Lives of Great Artists – On African Art (pg. 198)

Sometimes you gotta change your sight thingy like Predator does so you can see shit!


Sleep tight!

Sun Jul 17, 2022

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