Taking It Easy

Today I am thinking about practical things that don’t make my head hurt as much:

  • Portfolio Management Certification
  • Where I put all my glue sticks – I cannot find a single one
  • Why can’t the padding in my sports bras stay put
  • Why in the fuck can’t the boys take a shower without ripping the plastic liner off the hooks. (I don’t understand! I need an iron curtain.)
Chop Value – making neat new stuff out of old chopsticks! Cool right!

PMI has micro-certifications – I might take the one on Organizational Transformation. AND I am not going to wait till the last minute to get in my 60 PDUs. If I’m scrambling next August just shoot me. Not dead, like in the foot or somewhere. Then I will have a good excuse/reason for not running.

Bossman didn’t show up today, said he had important business shit to do but I feel he was goofing off somewhere – I don’t think he golfs but he definitely goofs. Do you know what your boss likes to do in his/her/them/their spare time? Do you care? Does your boss know what you like to do in your spare time?


I’m simplifying my Obit and Eulogy to:

Sam was here! (mic drop!)

… and the crowd goes wild!

Where do agnostic and atheist folks have their funerals?

Wed Jun 29, 2022

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