Evening Sunshine

I found my sketchbook. It was exactly where it wasn’t supposed to be – In a drawer, under electrical cords and other random crap. Who put it there? I have no idea!

I’m on to sonnet sixteen, and they seem to be getting wordier and wordier, so I can’t use the traditional format, but I like it. As usual, I will make up/modify the rules as I go. I don’t know what their appearance will be when I get to sonnet fifty or even twenty.

There was a miscommunication between a co-worker and me, so I missed the opportunity to be in the office with him, but there will be more. I felt terrible, though, cause he was locked out for a bit, and I didn’t respond to his initial messages because I thought they were spam. smh.

I go forth, for to write another poet – lol. (i don’t know why I find that funny.)

Today was a good Monday!

Mon Aug 22, 2022

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