Hello Today

In being so successful with my weight loss endeavour, I wondered why I didn't find my formula sooner because fasting and calorie deficit eating isn't new to me, but I figured, for whatever reason, I wasn't ready. It's here now and I am happy. Remember when I thought I needed medication to help with my... Continue Reading →

Pregnant w/ Dee

I remember the first time I felt my daughter move Sitting on the tattered basement apartment couch across the driveway, waiting for my breakfast share of banana fritters - a Sunday specialty at Tina and Michelle's house I was probably slightly beyond four months We hung out all the time sometimes partying through the astronomical... Continue Reading →

This is a Hibun. Inspired by bits of all the true crime stories I consume. Prose poetry at the top, haiku at the bottom. Yes! I know prose poems aren't supposed to have line breaks but reading a massive clump of text online can be a challenge. SO! I broke the rule. Also! A nod... Continue Reading →


In the deluge, a bee took refuge Landing on my windowpane Hello! I've never seen you before will I see you again I've stopped by momentarily to get out of the storm. I'm behind my quota and along with the rain the wind is not warm Play a song while you wait That! And your... Continue Reading →

Fishing With Phil

Phil and Iwent looking, we did.Expecting to findplenty of fish "Hey, Phil! I didn't know spiders eat fish!" "Of course we do. Since I first lived near water, it's my favourite dish." "Hmmm!" "Sam! Grab a spear or a fly! Fish! Get ready to die!" For hours we tried, rested and waited.Becoming overly intoxicated. Fishing... Continue Reading →

Alcazars On Alcatraz

Alpacas on Alcatraz in Alcazars made of glass play hide and seek with albatrosses in fast cars Every year, flora, fauna, and folk gather to watch the show from near and far But, at the end of the game they don't party in trees like dogs They go to bars Drink fancy cocktails and smoke... Continue Reading →

Dancing Trees

Watching as the trees Undulate in the breeze What's that you're doing I say It was sweltering yesterday We're thankful for rain and belly dancing the heat away Do you mind if I join you in the dance? But … I'm only wearing underpants Come along with us Underpants aren't a must We'll introduce you... Continue Reading →

Fire Trucks and Roses are Red

Since stories do not have to rhyme. Do you have the time for listening to a wackily weird dream of mine? A firetruck crashed headlong into my balcony; but before, it resided on my living room floor. And from where did this firetruck come? If you're looking for an answer, I have none. After the... Continue Reading →

Duck, Duck, Goose

At first, I was the only one in the waiting room, then a lady came. Receptionist and she, that made three. You can't play Duck, Duck, Goose with three people!!! So I decided ... you know what, we are going to have to put patient care on hold for a moment. I got on the intercom, "Everyone.... Continue Reading →

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