Sugar Twist (CW12-2015)

“Hi. Can I get a sugar twist and a hot chocolate please?”

“Sure hon. What are you doing out so late?”

None of your business! I think but shrug and say, “I just wanted a donut.”

“Your mom will be worried.”

“No. She won’t.”

As I sip my hot chocolate and survey the patrons, mostly truckers, I imagine getting into my first training school for stunt car driving. I already know how to drive; stunting should be a breeze. I smile, biting into my sugar twist. 

I can’t wait – I wanna drive like they do in Bullitt or the French Connection. I finish my sugar twist, put on my backpack, pick up my hot chocolate and make my way around the coffee shop.

“Good morning. Excuse me. Are you going to Vancouver?”

Feature Photo Credit: @hannievanbaarle via Twenty20

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