Fishing With Phil

Phil and Iwent looking, we did.Expecting to findplenty of fish "Hey, Phil! I didn't know spiders eat fish!" "Of course we do. Since I first lived near water, it's my favourite dish." "Hmmm!" "Sam! Grab a spear or a fly! Fish! Get ready to die!" For hours we tried, rested and waited.Becoming overly intoxicated. Fishing... Continue Reading →

Alcazars On Alcatraz

Alpacas on Alcatraz in Alcazars made of glass play hide and seek with albatrosses in fast cars Every year, flora, fauna, and folk gather to watch the show from near and far But, at the end of the game they don't party in trees like dogs They go to bars Drink fancy cocktails and smoke... Continue Reading →


If you want to dance with me Let's meet at the jamboree But first, stop by for tea And while we’re enjoying a pint (of tea) I'll introduce you to my friend Phil A bold jumping spider with superior skill who decided to live with his girlfriend Jill on my sunny windowsill Although of the... Continue Reading →

Dancing Trees

Watching as the trees Undulate in the breeze What's that you're doing I say It was sweltering yesterday We're thankful for rain and belly dancing the heat away Do you mind if I join you in the dance? But … I'm only wearing underpants Come along with us Underpants aren't a must We'll introduce you... Continue Reading →

Fire Trucks and Roses are Red

Since stories do not have to rhyme. Do you have the time for listening to a wackily weird dream of mine? A firetruck crashed headlong into my balcony; but before, it resided on my living room floor. And from where did this firetruck come? If you're looking for an answer, I have none. After the... Continue Reading →


What do you know, it's Goldifro If your sister wants porridge we just sold the last bowl Hey Big Baby Bear My sister didn't send me She's still in juvie on several counts of burglary Sorry to hear I guess On second thought … That's probably for the best I'm here, you see, because when... Continue Reading →


My first Morley inspired art. I bought a book of his over the summer, Let's Burn This Moment Down to the Filter. I remembered a 2020 journal entry for some reason and decided to try it out in this format. You can read the entry if you want, but you don't have to :)Jan 19:... Continue Reading →

Missfortune Cookie Digestif

... I figure since fortune cookies suck, I will create a more luxuriate adult-only version. Your Missfortune Cookie comes in a slim matte black capsule. Presented on a mini ceramic plate layered in gold leaf beside an elegant Luigi Bormioli Michelangelo titanium reinforced stem glass containing your choice of digestif. Sexy! After enjoying your drink and the... Continue Reading →

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