Big Rings

This close-your-rings competition between me and Dee is fierce! Two days left and I’m down twelve points all because I didn’t workout yesterday. And I knew that shit was gonna happen too but I just couldn’t go-go gadget. Dee’s like mad serious too, writing shit down n trying to calculate how much work she needs to do to win. lol.

I’d like to show you our stats but I don’t have permission from Dee to share her exercise data – and I know if I ask she’s likely to say, “NO!” So I won’t even bother! I gotta dance before I go to bed tonight yo, or else I’m screwed!

I started watching Bullet Train (2022) the other day and I might have made it through ten or fifteen minutes. Everyone was talking too much and too fast. It was nauseating and extremely annoying. Good thing I didn’t go to the theatre to see it.

You should watch Kaleidoscope (2023) on Netflix.

Sat Dec 07, 2023

— Samantha Williams —

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