Sacrifices and Spy Drones

I exercised today, also. Day two! Yay!

Yo! I’m feeling that Ring workout in my latissimus parts yo! If you ever hear me talk about joining a gym again just remind me not to. Although … you may have to do something more drastic to save me from myself, kidnapping and confinement or light poisoning; at least until the feeling passes.


About my art desk … Now that I’ve got my supplies organized and placed how I like, I go -> I sit down -> I look around -> I open my sketchbook and then … I get up. I am slowly getting closer every day to actually drawing in my new space.


Did I tell you there’s a drone that hovers outside my bedroom window at night – you might see me on some drone voyeur website – if that’s your thing. (cause you know, can you ever really know somebody! Like really really know them!) I wish I was doing something crazy, like sacrificing my firstborn on a fancy altar or even crazier … like having sex.

I thought about reporting it but what are the cops going to do? What can they do? It’s not like I have a tonne of information to give them. But I will look into it – if they are doing it to me they are likely doing it to unsuspecting other as well – maybe I can report it to my MP.

Moral – height does not equal privacy. Protect yourself! (unless you feel like exhibiting). I’ve always known that, but I started opening my curtains because I kept plants in my room. Now that I don’t – I will keep it closed.

Almost but not quite ready with Tyrant number three. Soon,

Sat Sep 3, 2022

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