Crumbly Cookies and Homelessness

Hmmm … what happened since we last spoke …

Matt got his first paycheck AND he has another job interview lined up already for when this seasonal one is over AND he’s opening a savings account on Monday. 

And Dre … Well, he still ain’t doing shit, ‘cept watching youtube and tictok videos. Dat muthafucka already livin’ like he homeless – you should see his bedroom. Yeah, bitch! I’m putting your no ambition havin’ ass on blast.

Dee is concerned for him. I am not. You can lead the boy to the bathroom, but you can’t make him bathe. Ultimately though, I think Dre will be fine – he is one of those people who will change once change is forced upon him. Or … I could be wrong, and he will crumble like a crunchy cookie. (I hate crunchy cookies!) 

Whatever happens, it’s his life. He can choose to, or not to, do!

At the same time, Dre has been much more helpful around the house in recent months – and today, he wished humans had evolved to eat rotten food. Hint hint. 

My next quarterly life crisis is fast approaching.



As a kid, I loved reading Calvin and Hobbes comic strips in the Sunday newspaper. Hobbes! One of the coolest cats. Thanks for the quote dad! (artwork provided by a Canva template).

I’m gonna put my quotes in here now – it’s an aside thing that I do, it’s not a main thing, so they don’t need their own posts. I got distracted and off track for a minute – but I still enjoy putting them together and with Canva it’s a bit easier. Of course, I still take forever to choose a template.

Reality continues to ruin my life

Bill Watterson

Bill! I know exactly how you feel.


Now I just have to deal with Matt’s shitty teenage angsty shit. Which is totally fuckin’ annoying!

Today he cleaned up his room … cause he was expecting company. When he starts dating, he will clean up every time, and the person will think – OMG, this guy is the best; (if they appreciate cleanliness.) Then they will move in together, and eventually, the cleanliness-ness will go away, and his partner will be like, “WTF yo! Who are you!?”

Moral: Be dirty if you are dirty. Don’t front! Let people know what to expect so they can make informed decisions about being with your stinkin’ ass or your no ambition having ass or whatever type of ass you happen to be. Fair? I think so!

(Four more years Boys! That’s all you’re gettin’ cause I got shit to do that doesn’t involve you!)


Do you remember the garbage pail kids – I think they came out after the cabbage patch ones.

Sat Sep 10, 2022

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