May 29 – Journal Entry

OMGrrrrr – I created a monster. André is in one of his moods – annoying me for fast food. He can be such a douche. Although I decided not to buy anything, I felt defeated and wondered if I had spoiled him. Luckily, I came to my senses – he’s just a lazy ass teenage boy. “Working here. I’m your mother, not your slave. I refuse to cook multiple times a day.” Get off your ass, get in the kitchen and make your own meal. UGH! The boys still forget that I am working. I’ve been home for like two and a half months.

Sometimes Matt will stop playing his video games long enough to ask me if I can make something for him to eat. Are you effing kidding me? “Eat leftovers or make something for yourself.” Then I go off on a rant in my head. There is no way you are going to sit around consuming everything and doing nothing. You guys are old enough to do your chores, wash your clothes, and find your way around the kitchen.  Whenever they come back and tell me there’s nothing to eat, my blood boils. Then I have to go in the kitchen and point shit out. “Oh! I didn’t see that.” they’d say. WTH!

It’s not that there’s nothing to eat, they just can’t be bothered to prepare anything. So I leave them alone. Hunger is a great motivator. Eventually, they make a meal or use their allowance to go across the street to buy a sub.

When the boys were younger I tried to get them to drink more water. After everything I tried didn’t work, I just stopped buying juice altogether and didn’t say anything. All they had access to was milk and water when they opened the fridge. Now they drink water, no problem. To this day, I rarely buy juice – my Ginger Cucumber Lemon Lime water taste way better. Hands down – bar none.

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