The Little Things

I am proud of myself for three reasons:

  1. Last Thursday, I thought about ubering home, but I reminded myself that Uber is NOT in my budget and took the subway instead 🙂
  2. I went surfing mindlessly on Amazon and eventually found myself looking to buy a laptop stand, but I was able to ask me, “Do you need a stand?” “Can you repurpose anything to make a stand?” And guess what? I repurposed a box, a little metal holder thing, and voila! A laptop stand!
  3. Hmmm … at the moment I cannot remember, but there’s a third.

Currently, I have four unfinished poems, but I might only keep one. Sometimes the point I want to make doesn’t come through and sometimes there is no point – I write and publish just because.

🎶 Dream, dream, dream. When I feel blue, at night, and I need, you to hold me tight. Whenever I want you, all I have to do is dream, dream dream. I can make you mine, taste your lips of wine. Anytime night or day, the only trouble is, gee whiz, I’m dreamin’ my life away. Dream, dream, dream. 🎶

All I Have To Do Is Dream – The Everly Brothers

Dre will cook and leave stuff out; in the pot, on the counter, wherever. The other day he left mushrooms on the table, I don’t even know how many days. Recently, he cooked a bunch of potatoes – the boy just throws the whole potato into the pot without rinsing it. Fine. BUT … The potatoes stayed on the stovetop, in the pot. 

Day one … I look in the kitchen before going to bed. I can’t believe this boy left the potatoes on the stove AGAIN! 

Day two … Why am I even surprised that it’s still here. And I don’t even say anything anymore cause it’s not gonna make a difference. 

Day three Ewww. The water looks gross. (and it smells). I leave for the office. 

“Mom! Where did you go?”

“I went to work!”

“My stomach was hurting so bad thought I’d need an ambulance.”


“I ate the potatoes.”


Sat Apr 16, 2022

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