Sleepy. Not Sleepy. Sleepy …

I wasn’t going to chat with you today because around 9:00 pm I thought I was going to passout – so I went to bed. It’s 11:20 pm and guess what? I’m still awake.

If I can’t put in a full 8-10 hrs tomorrow and Friday, I will have to work this weekend if I wanna meet my Feb deadline for PBI. I’m excited.

I thought I was going to get blown away by the wind gusts so I asked The Boy to accompany me to the gym – I would prefer to end up in the land of OZ with someone than alone. I made it there and back no problem (to the gym not OZ). I have to stop letting the weather forecast freak me out. Weather Network you suck!

Hmmm … it just dawned on me, we could be living with a murderous bunny. One sec … … …

I asked Zoe if she killed Archie and she just looked at me. I don’t know what that look meant. (poker face bunny) But I figure if she was innocent she’d answer the question. Right!? I wonder who’s next on her hit list?

Storytime for Anothertime 🙂 I’m going back to bed.

Wed Feb 16, 2022

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