Missfortune Cookie Digestif

… I figure since fortune cookies suck, I will create a more luxuriate adult-only version. Your Missfortune Cookie comes in a slim matte black capsule. Presented on a mini ceramic plate layered in gold leaf beside an elegant Luigi Bormioli Michelangelo titanium reinforced stem glass containing your choice of digestif. Sexy!

After enjoying your drink and the winding down of dinner conversation, turn your attention to the Missfortune Cookie. Gently twist the slim capsule apart and savour your anytime now fate …

Rejoice in the few remaining days of your carefree life. Expect a monsoon of financial and familial woes all to end in your early demise. Recommendation: Dust off the will and see your estate lawyer ASAP.

Missfortune Cookie Digestif

I drew today. Yay. Now I know how to overcome artist block – whip out Procreate, take a picture and put my spin on the photo. Based on many months of reading and drawing, I know I don’t have to create a replica of what I see.

Yay! Finally! And I was relaxed and feeling good while arting.

I’ve been lying about reading, writing, playing mobile games and sleeping all day – Alexander Pushkin stories; almost complete. 

Did the Christmas holiday go by quickly, or is it just me? I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a wonderful day and, by extension, a superb week AND by Friday, let’s see how far I get on the treadmill.

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