Rap v Dance

It is better for me to get my mind right with hip-hop but when I am actually working out, I prefer dance music.

Spoke to my trainer today … He will be going away for three weeks starting Feb 01. If LaFit looks like it’s not going to open we will chat again before he leaves – I told him I might join one of the open gyms; but if LaFit is open then I will be with another trainer – he warned me that all trainers are different in their approach and style. I love my trainer, but it is only for three weeks. If I have to go to another gym, he will give me a treadmill plan.

I still feel I am not at the point where I can push myself to go on my own, so I really hope the semi-lockdown ends in Jan, but we will see.

I picked up a copy of NOW, this one is thin – Can’t wait to read the ads. I hope they still have them. I will take the day off tomorrow too – As you know, I don’t have any more organs to cough up – all that’s left is flesh and bone – I would like to cough up my illness.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could cough up and spit out anything you didn’t like about yourself or are struggling with:

I’m spitting out my:

  • overspending
  • insomina
  • impostor-syndrome
  • overeating

Yay! Some things were a bit harder to spit out than other … However, I am NOW well rested, financially, and nutritionally fit! AND … I belong 🙂

Cheers! To your health!

Thu Jan 20, 2022

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