Journal Entry – Wed Sep 23

I have these really aggressive fruit flies. It’s like they are trying to attack me – I’m watching a movie or laying in bed and they’re just in my face. I know I’m attractive and smell fruity but I’m not a fruit. A few months back we had a compost mishap and the flies haven’t left. Get outta my house already!

This morning I noticed a guy, dressed in all white, just walking aimlessly around the field. I kept watching him to see what he was doing – Turns out he was playing with a frisbee. By himself. He’d walk to pick up the frisbee, throw it and walk to pick it up again. If you’re just out to get some exercise why do you need a frisbee? Maybe it’s some kind of physiotherapy. Or … maybe he’s looking for a partner – that could be his dating strategy.

One time I was in the exercise room, using the treadmill and this guy came in, he could have been in his 50s, he was fully dressed in a 3/4 length leather coat, blue jeans and dress shoes. He was carrying an overnight pouch – the kind that men would keep their toiletries in. Then he got on the treadmill – Didn’t put his bag down, didn’t take of his coat. He just started walking. I thought that was strange – so I made up a story on the spot …

I think he just came back from his doctor and got some bad news, like maybe his cholesterol was high and they reiterated the importance of exercise, which he’s never done – and that’s how he ended up in the gym without exercise clothes on. OR maybe it was a bad break up, seeing as how he had his overnight pouch and he was so distraught he just needed to work-it-out (lol get it!). OR maybe it was compounded – first the break up, then the bad news from his doctor. Anyway – I never saw him again, in case you are wondering.

Can you walk off a bad break up? Yes! Absolutely! How bad it was will determine how far you need to walk. ๐Ÿ™‚ I should be a psychologist.

Someone sent me a message on POF – his handle is Darklover1. There is nothing appealing about that name. I’m afraid to respond. lol. My handle is MovieRunner, I’ve had it since 2015. People will ask “What does a movie runner do?” They think it’s a profession which is cool. I just combined my two loves – I still love movies, obviously. I’m just not sure about running anymore.

Matt’s phone is acting up, I think it probably got wet but he says no. I told him to turn it off and put it in rice – I know people say rice particles can get in the phone but I’ve recovered two phones that way and they lasted for years after so it’s still my go to. He asked me if he can download Snapchat cause he doesn’t want to lose his streak of “snaps” or whatever. Now I have to share my phone with him for the next 48 hours so he can snap back at people. I told him to make sure notifications are off.

Teenagers are soooooo annoying. I’m still trying to get the boys interested in software development (including games), robotics/biomechanics, AI and machine learning – I think all these things are so fantastic. We are living science fiction which is awesome. I want to sign them up for beginner programming – I wouldn’t mind if they learned Python or any beginner course, whatever would spark their interest but right now I think it would be a waste of money if I signed them up – Hmm maybe we can take the course together, that might not be such a bad idea. This is the kinda stuff they should be teaching in school OMG!!!

About ten years ago I read an article that software development will become the new blue collar profession.

I remember my introduction to programming – it was awful. We had to learn this DOS based program and assembly. Did I say it was awful. Then we moved on to C or C++. I just remember trying to compile my code and it wasn’t working – turns out I used a semi colon when it should have been a colon or vice versa. But I got so turned off. I was like “Nope! This isn’t for me. I rather interact with people.” My engineering friends tell me it’s nothing like it was twenty years ago. Thank God!

I signed the boys up for KiwiCo crates – For now it’s monthly only, I’ll have to see if they even like it. I wish they had free shipping to Canada.

I made almond milk this afternoon. Yesterday I put one cup of almonds to soak overnight, that yielded about ~ 17 oz/500 ml of milk. I had to squeeze it through a cheesecloth to get rid of the bits – that was messy. It doesn’t taste like the store version. I just put almonds, pure vanilla extract and water. Now financially, I just have to figure out if it is cheaper for me to make myself or buy. But whether it is cheaper or not it may make more sense to stick with the store version because it is fortified. I wonder what walnut milk will taste like, no one makes walnut milk – let me rephrase that – I have never seen walnut milk.

Creating a proper training guide is hard work – I know nothing about how to train project managers, I can’t even train my own children. I have all these bits and pieces of info that I’ve put together, but I am struggling to create a nice, simple, cohesive package. If I were to give it to someone now – they’d be like, “What the eff is this shit. How am I supposed to learn anything?” and then they’d quit. I might have better luck training dragons ๐Ÿ™‚ So far, no luck finding a template but there must be something out there. I need some guidance.

I listened to our Prime Minister national address – then the Conservatives had to chime in and ruin it for me. I just turned it off as soon as he started talking about everything that’s still wrong – I know things aren’t perfect but I don’t believe his party can do better.

The next time you have bacon – top it off with some fresh lemon juice and finely chopped green onions. Yummy. And while you eat you can watch Yummy (2019), it’s a zombie movie.

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