Jul 4 – Journal Entry

Happy 17th Birthday André!

This morning I lingered in bed for over an hour, thinking about my day and how I could get out of having to go outside to celebrate my son’s birthday. Then I finally snapped myself out of my head to face reality – which forced me to run around like a crazy person for the first part of the morning, trying to make sure I have everything for our picnic BBQ.

I ran to the grocery store for food and drinks and ice packs and storage containers. I ran home. I ran ’round the kitchen doing prep work and packing. I ran to the chiropractor for my adjustment – ran home, showered, dressed, and drove to Sunnybrook Park.

It’s soooo hot. So so hot. We found a sweet spot to set up – people weren’t obeying the distance rules, or maybe I was paranoid. Were they too lazy to look for other places to set up in the park? I soon learned that:

  1. My portable BBQ is only big enough for two (perfect for when I end up having picnics with my sweetheart one day, not so ideal for four + friends. I carried my propane burner, so that helped)
  2. We do not have any outdoor picnic games (I came home and bought a badminton set (no net) and a frisbee. I will get a football eventually)
  3. We need a portable table, maybe a portable bench and a larger cooler.

I also purchased an extra-extra-large foldable picnic blanket. Someone had a gazebo looking tent-like thingy, which was cool – I think you’d still need to set up in the shade, but I liked it.

I feel like, after we cook and eat, the BBQ is over, but I think once we have games, that will change. We chased each other with spray bottles (makeshift water guns) – that was fun, but if we are going to run around, I need to wear my running shoes, not Vans.  

André and I went for a walk before leaving the park. He said he enjoyed his birthday. I bought him an adjustable workout bench, which is actually more of a household item. 

I feel like one of those husbands that wives complain about “he bought me a vacuum.” or “he bought me lingerie.” – You know, the kind of gifts that the gifter also benefits from. Since they hit their teens I stopped buying them gifts and just give money. Unless we get specific request, like the workout bench, everyone just sends money.

It was nice to get out, but I couldn’t wait to get home. My daughter wants to have twenty BBQs this summer. I hate bugs.

Written: 07.05.2020 @ 8:00 pm

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