Journal Entry – Sat Dec 19

One sheep, two sheep, red sheep, blue sheep! I do not like green eggs and ham! And BTW if your eggs and ham are green, don’t eat it!

When I started journaling online, my only intent was to save trees and space and money since I wouldn’t be buying any more Moleskine notebooks. But today, I realized that I am creating a record of who I am that my family can read for eternity. Which is pretty darn cool!

Starting Jan 1, 2021, I will create one entry and use page breaks for each day – like a book. I just wish the pages turned like a book – Common WordPress! I’m calling you out!

I will do my best to organize my stuff correctly. I’m looking forward to one post for artwork, one for microfiction and one for the Frisbee Loner! I think that will work better, too, instead of having a million journal entry posts. Hmmm … I wonder if I can compile my existing posts into one?

I spent the day drawing and discovered that outlining in pen makes a considerable difference in the look of your art. Dee describes it as a finishing touch! Also, found timelapse – Procreate automatically does a video of my drawings. It also has an animation feature that I will learn to use eventually. And I’ve been taking advantage of layers; if I want to depart from the book’s lessons, I can without messing up the original drawing.

I used the Drawing Guide, a grid (like graph paper) to help me line up the towers – before they were all leaning and nonuniformed.

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