Journal Entry – Mon Oct 12

I’ve been thinking hard about how to get back into writing. So far, I’ve learned the following – Black Crows are hard to handle. jk.

  1. I can quickly come up with silly or serious super-short stories
  2. If I spend an hour writing, I want to be done in that hour
  3. I don’t like editing my work because it can always be better, and I could edit forever, which is annoying as shit.  
  4. I will try to write a story in sections and see how that works
  5. I usually tell pieces of my life in my journal – If I could write a story that way, tell parts, then put it together for one long story, that would be awesome! (but I gotta be able to map it out first – I will have to figure out how to do that)

There is this thing called story mapping in agile – I think I can use the same principle, but I will also check for existing writer tools. They must be out there right?

I’m mostly taking a back seat to Thanksgiving dinner creation – I cleaned the kitchen, did some prep-work, but it’s all on Dee and her gf this year.

I’ve been watching videos that Dee and her friends made of the boys. Dee was responsible for taking them to school and picking them up from daycare for some years while I got my career on track – so there are lots of videos to watch. Dee and her friends – five girls taking care of two boys. 

AndrĂ© is helping to prepare the mussels for the seafood pasta. The thought that they are still alive is sad – poor things. I’m not eating any. I have difficulty with preparing shellfish and mollusks.

I’ve been thinking about The Frisbee Loner – here’s his back story:

Jamie Francis is a 35-year-old software engineer who lives with his mom. He works for a large multinational bank, doing middle office, compliance and related regulatory development, and is happy to be a cog in the machine. Even before COVID, he worked from home and rarely interacted with his co-workers, just the way he likes it.

Jamie is super smart. He holds a master’s degree in mathematics and computer science from U of T. His boss is a bully, but since graduating, this is the only job he’s had – the thought of putting himself out there is terrifying, so he lives with it.  

His dad died about two years back from a heart attack. Now Jamie is the primary caregiver of his ailing mother and her multiple comorbidities. Mrs. Francis has COPD, CHF and diabetes. She needs dialysis three days a week – this is the only time Jamie has to himself because a nurse comes over and sits with his mom during her treatments. These are the days when I see him playing frisbee alone in the field.     

To be continued … 

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