Dad had to postpone his trip again for a follow-up doctor’s appointment! I’m wondering if I should go there instead – I already booked off my two weeks and Dee thought he was coming in July, so she booked over a few days as well.

The boys won’t be able to come through because I didn’t get their passports – although, I probably could in time! We’ll see. I will know more on Monday! Hmmm … but then there’s also the pets! Grrrr!

Yesterday, I learned there are lots of prompts and poetry challenges out there. And why don’t I take part? IDK! Perhaps it’s because I still remember the Discover Prompts and Sue’s Jibber Jabber prompts and I think I participated two or three times with Dverse. I have to get to know these new ones first.

My dream poem turned into a story that rhymes, in parts! Dee said she will help me illustrate it. I will replace her artwork with mine. I believe she doesn’t help me more often with actually drawing because I will probably get upset and yell, “That doesn’t look how I see it! Do it again!!!”

I go finish and publish my dream! I’m hungry. Since after work I been working on my art for this damn story and I still not done! And now I’m gonna eat way late!

All of my disposable income has been disposed of.

Tue May 31, 2022

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