Vision Boards And Travel Plans

Officially, I now have good frankinsense about my European trip. 

  1. France:
    1. Paris, 
    2. The cities my coworkers live in (can’t remember the names now, but I have them written down somewhere)
    3. All the small towns and historic places and museums and, such …
  2. Italy
  3. Spain

If Spain doesn’t happen, I am okay with that. France is the priority, and I may start in Italy instead and end in France – I wish France weren’t in the middle. Its location is messing up my plans.  

Also, I feel a chaperone is necessary to taper my impulsivity and prevent me from doing stupid shit, like running off with a charming stranger and getting killed.

I was rereading Austin Kleon’s book Keep Going and I was inspired to make a vision/inspiration board-type thingy.


I found that poetry quote today – I only printed the stuff on the canvas – I rest I got from Amazon – they’re mini posters for making collages. Sometimes the desire to make something is so strong – I gotta do it. Writing feels different from putting together a physical thing. For lack of a better description of how I feel, writing is passive, and making shit is active IMO. That doesn’t mean the former is any less than – it’s just different – according to me!

Almost finished – And I’m gonna make another one

Night of The Demons (1988?) is playing in the background – it’s about a bunch of teens partying in a house that used to be a mortuary, and they end up getting possessed by demons. Yes! It’s as cheesy as it sounds!

I plan to finish this board tonight – I should be drawing but wanted to do this instead!

Wed Oct 12, 2022

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