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In being so successful with my weight loss endeavour, I wondered why I didn’t find my formula sooner because fasting and calorie deficit eating isn’t new to me, but I figured, for whatever reason, I wasn’t ready. It’s here now and I am happy. Remember when I thought I needed medication to help with my atrocious eating habits? Well that turned out to be false.

Relax. Nothing is missing.

Today’s Motivation app lock screen quote

Now I even more certainly feel … since I can curb my bad food behaviour, I can definitely curb my impulsive spending right! Thinking differently about my needs/wants and the desire to consume less of everything is helping. And once I get down to my previous feel-good weight, I won’t need to buy any clothes, they, and my wild things, are all waiting patiently for me in the closet.

Having wild things in the closet are almost same as having a boogyman in the closet, ‘cept wild things are funner. When summer comes, we will go outside and play tag and hopscotch and double dutch.

BTW: Let’s hope I don’t end up in the realm of toxic wellness – I’m not sure how that looks but I feel I will know it when I see it.


There’s a family of eight on the first floor; parents, grand-parents, and children of various ages, and they don’t have curtains.

It was nice out today so I went downstairs around 5:30 pm with my green army camouflage lawn chair, four strips of Maple Leaf natural bacon, a quarter bag of family sized ketchup chips and one well chilled 355 ml can of sparkling grapefruit kombuchahhhh to watch them go about their evening business.

Whenever our eyes made four I’d wave and smile. After about an hour, when they were ready to sit for dinner the mens came outside. Dad said, “What are you doing?”

“Watching a movie. Would you like some chips?”

“No! We’d like you to leave.”

“If I watch from inside your apartment you will feel better!? I can sit right by the front or balcony door.”

“No! Get out of here or we’ll call the cops.”

“Can I finish my food first?”

“Get outta here!”


I plan to go back tomorrow same time, no curtains and weather permitting. I keep you posted UNLESS I get arrested.

March 10, I have fracture clinic appointment, hoping to get my cast off cause my fingers and knuckles are dry, the skin is cracking and they feel awfully crusty – lotion isn’t helping. I wonder what the skin under the cast will look like. I’m still not writing everyday, or drawing or exercising, I just lay about on the couch like a homeless ocean whale and yell to the boys for help with stuff.

“Oy! Mom needs to go toilet!”

I’m wondering if I should publish part of my short, short, story but I think it would be best to finish it cause if I post it, I may never get back to it, plus I want to add a few illustrations. I’m giving myself a deadline – I must be ready to post by first week of April.

I’m thinking about starting a maquillage company

I found a book! Or maybe the book found me! The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I am on Week One and I have been doing morning pages for a few days now. Perfect timing for mending my poetry and overall creativity. Although … it is not broken, I just can’t get anything out as fluidly as I did before. I write stuff in my pocket book but I haven’t been spending writing time to put it together. I just need lots of TLC – which I plan to give cause I still got lots to say.

Isn’t it funny how things have a tendency of just showing up exactly when you need them?

Be careful who you listen to
and what you tell yourself!
You may come to believe things
about you that aren’t true!

Wed Mar 08, 2023

© 2023 Samantha Williams. All Rights Reserved.

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