Monkey Wrenches

I know it’s been a while but I’ve been busy collecting monkey wrenches cause I’m tired of them fuckin’ up my shit. I have a wrench artifact room, like the room where they keep all the demonic shit in The Conjuring. Ya got yr wrench of monkeys, lemurs, gorillas, homos and chimpanzees.

It’s been almost a month since I broke my arm and I am struggling to get back to my previous routine. (I miss the RingFit). If you have any monkey wrenches send them my way or throw them in the closet with your skeletons … Me spent part of the day visualizing my routine and writing shit down – hopefully, I will start again in a few days. Still going strong with the fasting and calorie deficit eating. Lost eleven pounds so far.

Pepto Abysmal is my best boyfriend. I sleep with him and he has his own pillow and toothbrush. He wants to bring more clothes over but I told him, “Dude! You don’t need all that shit. I love you naked.” My stomach feels less achy, but Matt’s been sick with a cold and I might have caught it. 😦

Baby cow
do, do, do, do, do, do
baby cow


What did the Meow say?

ANSWER: Cat! (lmao)

Dee got the answer to my riddle first try but Dre didn’t! He was asking all kinds of stupid questions, “What’s a meow!?”

Dee signed my cast!

Haven’t forgotten about Name That Tyrant #4. The contest is closed, I just gotta give the answer. BTW – the skinny pigs have a new home with a family friend. I miss my baby hippos but it’s for the best.

We finally got the stupid fuckin’ office couch and the first thing I will do is pee on it to mark my spot/territory. And it’s fabric too so the urine will soak into the cushions nicely. With all the trouble I’ve seen, I’ve earned the right to first pee.

Dre had his first VIP theatre experience, we saw Creed III today. I went to the theatre to see Rocky IV (1985) with a bunch of friends. And way back when I saw The Champ (1979) with dad.

I hope you are alright! It’s snow storming again.

Fri Mar 03, 2023

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