I’m Walking

I completely forgot tomorrow is bon vendredi. That’s all the French you’re getting for today.

My feet hurt. Next week I will wear my running shoes. You can walk in running shoes but you cannot run in walking shoes; or … you shouldn’t. It’s dangerous! Kinda like running with, and tripping and falling into, scissors (OMG I almost spelled it right that time – closer than usual).

I have a new word to add to my list of faves, juxtapose. I like how my lips move when I say it.

Tuesday’s walk home

This morning I walked from Bloor Stn, and after work, to Pape. I got to work super early because I’d planned to walk from Pape but I had a 9:00 am so didn’t want to take any chances.

Jer asked me if I’d get a bike but me barely have me pedestrian legs – I’d be an accident waiting to happen. The last time I rode a bicycle I was still a tween and I ended up falling/crashing because I was coming up on a main road and suddenly couldn’t remember where the brakes were.

My favourite used bookstore
Tuesday’s walk home

I know where I’m going for Saturday’s artist date! 🙂 AND … I found another used bookstore on my walk home this afternoon. 🎶 Heaven. I’m in heaven. 🎶

You got plans for the long weekend?

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