Holy pivot table Batperson!

Whenever I work with Excel, doing pivot tables n shit, I can’t help but remember when I absolutely hated everything Excel. Look at me now! Today, even some of my data analytics learnings were put to practical use.

I laugh at my old self!
And also … in the face of challenges!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

I’d like to illustrate my long short story and I am thinking about the best way to post it – Often I wish WP was more sophisticated. This morning I decided I wouldn’t attend the haiku/tanka meetup – I need to focus and finish my story.

The Tree Man – H. Bosch (DailyArt)

My plan to draw tree-man (not the entire piece) isn’t working out – I can’t seem to get started. I’ve had enough of today or today’s had enough of me. I’m gonna end it by chillin’ out on the couch, drinking tea and maybe watching a movie. Have a good one!

2023.01.06 (Fri)

— Samantha Williams —

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