Food and Fitness

There’s a new game I’m addicted to. I like it even better than ACNH. Bear and Breakfast. As you may have guessed, It’s about a bear running a bunch a B&Bs in the woods and other nearby not so woodsy places.


Finally … today I closed my exercise ring. It’s been months since that happened. Not that it was easy; sometimes I’d do 15 min, 30 min, 45 min. Today I did ~ 75 minutes. BUT OMG … The first 30 to 40 minutes were an up hill battle. Mentally. Reasons for stopping bombarded me like water from police firehoses during the civil rights movement.

What kept me going – Self-talk:

  • Ten more minutes Sam! You can do anything for ten minutes. Tony used to say that in some of the P-90X videos remember. “You can do anything for 30 seconds!” “Drink your waaaater people!” Classic! (I laugh)
  • One step at a time – literally! Yay! You’re walking! (I laugh)
  • I will not be frail and elderly
  • I refuse to take pills for avoidable ailments

After the 40-minute mark – cake! (I can say that without wanting to eat any) and I felt like I could keep going with no problem. And with all the excuses gone, I felt lighter! I hope the up hill battle with self will become shorter and shorter eventually.

 Last year this time was when I joined the gym, October maybe. I knew exactly when I needed to be there AND … my workouts were always a pleasant surprise. I don’t know if it’s because I’m heading into my fourth quarter, but I feel more motivated than I have in the last several months. However, that doesn’t explain why I am the most unfit I have ever been in my life. I guess my eating habits didn’t adjust with my metabolism. This brings us to …


With mostly strict adherence to MFP lately, I am becoming visually familiar with how much I should eat per meal. At first, I’d look at my plate … “What the fuck! That can’t be right!” Well, it is apparent that I have been overeating at every meal for many, many, many years now. I know how much space 54 grams of cooked sweet rice take up on my plate (not enough). I’m still in shock! No carb overages lately, except for Tuesday, but I’m still not getting enough protein and fats.

Also, I’m pleased to report that being in the kitchen with a scale and MFP isn’t as bad as it used to be – I’m getting into a rhythm.

Also too, For things I am not motivated to do, I’m reaffirming that thinking in chunks works best – instead of a one-hour workout, I’m doing 5-10 minutes. That gets me started and keeps me going. Also too+, mentally, lately, before I sit down to do any leisure activity, like watching TV, or playing games, I must have completed my one-hour – this is why I’ve always preferred to exercise in the morning before any unexpected shit zaps my will!

And in the future when gathering with friends/family, I’d like to do things that don’t always involve sitting and eating. I think that will be helpful for me as well – at least until this becomes a thing I can do without all the effort it takes now.

And too … I don’t care how I got here and I don’t care about what I don’t like to do. That’s not my focus anymore! Because I will learn to love all of what I must do! Of course, it is good to understand why but I don’t need to spend my limited fuel on that.

As usual – may discipline and consistency be with me. And you too! If you need them for whatever you’re working on.

Signing Off – Not So Insurmountable After All! (a poem in the making, maybe!?)

Thu Sep 29, 2022

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