Emotional Meals

I did not have the opportunity to pick up dessert from Eataly for the pool party. I will bring it to the holiday party. That will work out better too – since it’s an evening thing, I can easily pick it up the day of. 

On the way home yesterday, Bossman bought us Happy Meals – I got nuggets and Kevin’s Carry-on toy.

Hmmm …

I wonder what would be in an Angry Meal package? Or a Sad Meal? Or a “You are NOT the father!” Meal? lol. I will have to create them!

Remember the days when I’d wake up to poem words on my lips? 

Well, it’s beginning to happen again. I don’t think I will go back to Prozac ever. I say “I don’t think” because it gets horribly exhausting to feel everything soooo intensely all the time, including those friggin’ prosecution conspiracies. Sometimes I even think my children are out to get me. Plus I’ve noticed other benefits that Prozac does but whatever.

Ultimately, I believe it comes with a gift – this emotional rollercoaster.  

I love being able to write nonsense, putting my experiences and those of others into poetic prose, and writing what I imagine. AND I love when ideas and captions (could be images or words) pop into my head anytime, and I can elaborate further later, making it whatever I want!

I want to be with someone who accepts me totally, completely. From my love intensity to my bouts of rage and my ability to change my mind in the blink. 

“But I thought you liked that!”

“Well, I don’t any more! I may like it again tomorrow. Or never. I don’t know!”

Someone and Sam

Someone who can talk me down and help me get perspectives that aren’t my own. (I am also improving at calming myself down and sitting with my feelings instead of automatic explosions that reflect whatever I feel.)He must also be able to speak all the languages in the universe, including animal ones! Don’t you worry. He’s out there! I know it! I will list all the stuff I need in a partner – MoSCoW requirements style. 

Of course, this means, I would have to accept him totally too. We can improve for the better together.     

I have to stop in the office tomorrow cause I don’t want to be rushing to set shit up Monday morning. Rushing around is Bossman’s thing, and he appears to be good at it too. I hate rushing and being rushed – it is extremely stressful …

So tomorrow, I’m gonna book the conference room, I can’t seem to complete the task on the app, and ensure everyone has a desk, a chair and a chamber pot because occasionally you can’t pull yourself away from work to get to the toilet on time.

And now … you don’t have to!

Got lots of work?

Don’t have time to break for the toilet?

Can’t pull yourself away from the movie show?

Well now you don’t have to!

We got you!

Introducing …

The Bowel Bag

Reusable. (Give it a quick wipe or wash (if you prefer).)

Can be worn without worry for up to 168 hours

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Bowel Bag is mostly discrete but the longer you wear it, the less discrete it becomes.

Buy your Bowel Bag today! AND go when you like!

From SC Jameson and Wax

Tomorrow I am also going to Crown n Glory for my first natural hair consultation – I am excited!

Thu Aug 04, 2022

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