Did Somebody Say Compete

… Awwww. Ain’t them cute!

I’m supposed to play Fortnite with the kids – I suspect it will be a disastrous delight – for me at least; like Minecraft w/ Dre.

My rise and spit shine morning started too early. Was in bed by 10:00 pm as planned but woke up sometime after 1:00 am. By 2:30 am ish, I figured I wasn’t going back to sleep so I got my Ring Fit on. There are sixty-nine worlds in Ring Fit Adventure, I’m on number nine. The difficulty levels go up to thirty and I am on twenty-seven. Difficulty dictates how many reps you gotta do when battling monsters and also, maybe, with some gym sessions with the robot. Some workouts I can keep up with, squats, and tricep kickbacks not a problem. The core workouts though, mountain climbers planks, and a few yoga moves, I’m struggling. But it’s all good – still lovin’ it!

The TechnoGym skillmill is still on my wish list. By the time I can get it, there will be something better and likely more expensive

Two days into our latest seven-day competition
crushing Dee
She’s my daughter but …
No Mercy!
I wanna get the boys watches too
Then you can see me
massacre the whole family

Sam I Am Number One

I got the bright idea to fill the tub with cold water and go for a soak before taking a hot shower. The soak wasn’t awful – it made the shower feel even better.

Three hours! That’s how much time I spent writing this morning because my day started way early. But it’s cool. I’m probably halfway through my first long short story. I can do this! Sometimes I get impatient with myself which may cause me to think negatively about my abilities.


Statement: Running together with scissors.

Response: Love is a battlefield.

(In the wrong hands, this message will self-destruct and fuck you up.)

My spelling of “scissors” is not getting better with time. BTW. I know who the next tyrant will be. Stay tuned. So far I did Stalin, Idi Amin and Pol Pot.

Office day tomorrow and I think my lunch upset my stomach. Fabulous! I wouldn’t care too much if I didn’t have anywhere to go. I’m drinking ginger and fennel tea right now. Worse case I’ll stop at Shoppers in the morning. Depending on the weather, I might get off a few stops early and walk.

I finished David Goggins’ book last week or the week before. I enjoyed the first half better than the second. Overall it was worth the time. There was something else … I’ll remember tomorrow, or never.

2023.01.03 (Tue)

— Samantha Williams

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