Back Again!

I been feeling like miserable garbage and I figured it was because I didn’t sleep much last night. But even without sleep, I could stay focused and get shit done for several days. Today was a constant battle. When the ISP guy finally called sometime after 10:00 am I was on the toilet for the second time mentally listing what I ate that could be causing me problems.

Dude finally showed up around 10:15 am. I hate tardy, but, in this case, it worked out. I thought he was going to install the damn thing but all we did was exchange modems and he was gone. I don’t see the point of him coming. They better not charge me for shit cause I wanted to pick up that shit myself. Rogers! How can you look at what you are doing and think there is any value there! I’m within walking distance from your store; this guy is driving from wherever to do a handoff.

It took thirty minutes to get back online. I changed our network name to ZombieNinjas from KimchiKombucha. I was looking forward to our town hall presentation but by the time I joined it was over. And I didn’t have to miss it if they’d let me pick up the friggin’ modem. Idiots!

Dre finally went to the doctor today because the pain in his ear and throat was getting worse. He called me on the way home, sounding all proud, “Mom! I’m positive for COVID.” After that brief convo, it all made sense.

My bed was looking extra good and I fought hard all day not to jump in. Finally, around 7:00 pm I couldn’t hold off anymore, but by then, I’d finished my workout and a week’s worth of coursework in one day. I never liked statistics but it’s not as bad as I remember from uni where I failed every test. With all my tiredness, I even came out pretty good on the other side of, A Gentle Introduction to Statistical Power and Power Dynamics In Python.

I had trouble with everything except eating. Of course. A long time ago our CFO got sick and he had antibiotics that also suppressed his appetite. Whenever I can’t stop myself, I wish for those pills. It would be wonderful if I had a prescription happy doctor.

According to
The Scientific Journal of
Getting Your Fat Ass In Shape
I have a lot of work to do

((heavy sigh) tell me something I don’t know!!!)

I’m about to start chapter nine of Can’t Hurt Me – Uncommon Amongst Uncommon.

Recently, too many fraud and international calls I am getting. I don’t know nobody in Croatia or Bermuda. I thought about changing my phone number but that probably wouldn’t help. BTW – I got my money back from that subscription service – the one where the bank opened a fraud investigation and I had to replace my card again.

Thirty-plus years younger, every time dad visited he’d sit with me and my bank statements, “What’s this? What’s that? Look at all these fees you’re paying.” Well dad, I am finally going through my statements – Only a few months ago, I wouldn’t have noticed that charge. Thank you! Thank you! I’m proud of me too.

I will have soup and go back to bed. Although, I do feel like dancing!

When I move all my stuff must fit into a 10-15 inch truck (the smaller the better). That is my goal. To have less stuff! (not including the art I make).

Tue Dec 20, 2022

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