DISCLAIMER: Content containing jokes and language that might be triggering for some. Proceed with caution.

Resumes, cover letters and business cards should be obsolete!

I used to volunteer at a food bank out of this church and disliked every minute of it. People/organizations would donate garbage, wilted veggies, and expired cans of food. I had to quit. People shouldn’t need to go to food banks. 

Do you remember when my passwords were compromised, and I spent months changing them? I had all my passwords stored in Chrome. Today, my cybersecurity work course taught me that you shouldn’t save your passwords in a browser. Seriously! It’s been about two years of me feeling all snug, wrapped in my security blanket, only to find a hole. Ugh! Luckily, it didn’t take much work to export and import my data into a proper system. 

Also, I didn’t bother to renew my Nord VPN subscription last year because sometimes browsing with it on would slow things to a crawl, but a VPN adds another layer of security. I’m comparing prices and features. Is having servers in 94 countries better than 60? I have no idea!

My Foundation Transformation course is complete – Ten PDUs down, fifty to go. And I have to do an assessment/exam before I get my badge. I will have to run through my notes before I write.


It bothers me when people on true crime shows say,
“I can’t imagine what the person/family is going through.”

Well, you don’t need to imagine it
because the people going through it
are there to tell you exactly how they feel.
You only need to shut your mouth
(stop prefixing shit with, “I can’t …” cause it’s not about you)
and listen without judgment; then, you’ll know.

I can’t stand it when they refer to women as girls.
And women do it too.

There was this lady I used to work with, and she’d say things like, “I’m going to the little girls’ room.” She’d always refer to herself as a girl. I’d think, Bitch! It’s been like forty years since you were a girl. Change your language! That shit drove me crazy!

One day my head will explode, and when it happens, you will know why! BECAUSE PEOPLE SAY THE STUPIDEST SHIT. Shut the fuck up! I know what you’re thinking, but it’s ok. My empathy is on hiatus. She’ll return soon.

“Officer! I want to report a missing person?”

“Mam! If your person is over 13, non-white, has ties to the LBGXYZ community, is currently or used to be a drug addict or prostitute, OR who we’re likely to believe is transient, despite evidence to the contrary, don’t waste our time.”

“It’s sex worker, sir and LG …”

“Mam! We are busy killing people for no reason, creating posters that say ‘FUCK SERVE AND PROTECT‘ and working hard to promote ignorance, various -isms, and non-transparency while rewarding incompetence. God’s work!”

“But sir …”

“Get outta here and go find your missing person yourself!”

“Please! Listen!”

“I’ll shoot ya dead right now if you don’t leave, and ain’t nobody gonna do a thing about it ’cause God hates niggers, and so do the police!”


“Hi! Could you do a welfare check on my uncle? He has mental health issues, and we’re concerned.”

“We’ll send officers over. I hope your uncle’s ready to get checked out!”


“Hi! There’s a guy walking down the sidewalk minding his business, but I’m afraid for my safety ’cause he’s … black.”

“Where are you sir?”

“In my house.”

“Feel free to leave the safety of your home and go outside and shoot him a couple times.”

Well, on a good note! Dad plans to return to Toronto for a few days in December. I’m looking forward to seeing him!

And while you’re going about your life, doing whatever it is you do, learn to develop your empathy! I’m working on mine.

Thu Dec 01, 2022

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