October Is Almost Over


Matt is going to be a nun this year.

Today, I learned that you don’t have to be a robot to transform. I also have my own personal transformation template – haven’t examined it yet though. That will be my weekend project.

🎶 Transformers! Robots in disguise! 🎶

Theme Song

People in horror movies have car trouble at the worse possible time. I would like them to add a scene where they go to a mechanic beforehand.

"Yeah! I'm venturing into the middle of nowhere with a bunch of friends/idiots, and according to the unfinished script, cannibals could be out there. Or a dumbass might read aloud from a book and disturb some ancient muthafucka from its slumber. My car must start exactly when I need it to. As a matter of fact, can you make it fast and furious?"


Did you know most, maybe all, of Kafka’s stuff got published after he died? Kafka told his one friend, who supported and encouraged him to write, that he should burn everything after he dies – but the friend didn’t do that! Aren’t we lucky!

And there you have it!
The importance of support and encouragement! 


Was Nelson the Roach inspired by Metamorphosis? I wasn’t thinking about it at the time of writing, but Gregor Samsa was a travelling salesman who turned into a roach. That story is wonderful and excruciatingly disturbing – a combination I love. If I had to wake up as vermin, I think I’d want to be a rat or a fly.

Today I finished Hunger Artist.


You’re supposed to complete gestures within seconds – two minutes max. If I recall correctly. You also have to use your entire arm for movement, not just your wrist. These aren’t the best pics for gestures, but I felt drawn to draw these guys.

My girlfriend said she saw a wine and painting event somewhere – she will get details. I wonder if they limit how much you can drink.

News Flash

A downtown Toronto
wine and painting event
d/evolves into a drunken orgy!

lol – Perspective

Jesus told me I can’t be a sunbeam for him no more – I’m too black, too unfit, too fat! I woke up from my afternoon nap certain it was Friday morning! I go finish and hopefully publish two poems shortly!

Thu Oct 27, 2022

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