Be Proud

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, is it alright to tell someone their child is ugly? I feel it should be because they are also beholders, alibet bias ones – but I know society says it’s not ok. Just please don’t make the mistake of asking me if your child is cute or beautiful or whatever – Imma tell you the truth and that could end our friendship.

“Your child’s face is burning my retnia. Oh God! Must. Look. Away!”

You ever been in a situation where you see something extremely grotesque but you can’t stop looking?

I was home early from the office – Good thing too, because about three minutes away from the apartment, the rain came down.

Blame it on the rain. It was falling, falling.
Blame it on the stars, that shine at night.
Whatever you do, don’t put the blame on you.
Blame it on the rain, rain, rain.


Milli Vanilli

You could also blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol.

If at any point in the future I have to dust off the res, I want to work on transformation and data science projects – specifically data analysis within the data science arena. (still getting to know the field – doing my learning and researching in the background). I want to have lots of different things to do, like in my current role, so I will stay with small companies that hopefully don’t employ a buncha ex government bureaucrat bitches.

When I was younger, back in 2015 – I always thought people in tech were visionaries, but that’s not true – and before, I didn’t see the value of having a combination of different types (as described by those different colour hats) – but it is necessary. What I remember from the hat thing is that everyone is capable of wearing different hats – but we all have our go-to – mine is a fedora. Cause I’m a pimp!

Diamond in the back. Sunroof top.
Diggin’ the scene with a gangsta lean.

??? (i can’t remember)

I enjoy the process of coming up with ideas, and I love asking people how they came up with theirs. Thinking, in general, fascinates me; but the thinking that goes into idea generation is wonderful because that is how we advance.

I especially love working with people who are:

  1. Competent
  2. Knowledgeable (and willing to share – knowledge hoarders suck ass!)
  3. Explorers
  4. Investigators
  5. Thinkers/idea generators
  6. Doers


Dee’s high school art – album cover

You wanna know the top ten reasons why transformations fail:

  1. Legacy mindset is still predominant
  2. Culture change required for transformation is not clearly articulated
  3. Not connecting the transformation to employees at an individual level
  4. Did not prepare the organization (culturally, capability-wise, etc.) for change
  5. Lack of leadership
  6. Refusing to let go of old businesses and divesting
  7. Trying to use old processes
  8. Excessively focusing on technology, rather than the desired outcomes and the end goals
  9. Power structures and hierarchy do not change
  10. Not having a clear purpose or guiding north star for the organization

I might be guilty of number eight – but you can only go so far with managing projects by spreadsheets. I am usually clear on goals and outcomes, but I don’t clearly articulate my vision. If I have an interview with any other org and they tell me they are using spreadsheets to manage projects – I will politely excuse myself from the interview. I’m all for using tech to make my life easier.

Those same companies are the ones who want weekly and monthly executive status reports on slides that have shaved hours/days off my life doing brainless shit because I had to manually copy and paste info from all over the place! Fuck that! Fuck you! NEVER AGAIN! That shit, will make me bitter! I don’t want to be that person.

On a good note …


I’m proud of myself – I drew all the lines freehand no ruler/guide and I’m getting good at picking out what I need from a piece – whereas before I though I had to draw everything. The door is kinda floating – maybe the stairs needed to come out more. idk. But I’m still proud! I am also recognizing when depth is missing. It was easy for me to notice when I drew the table but the door I left it because it looks flat – but if it’s a door, it must have three dimensions – well! Too late and I am still proud! 🙂

Proud Mary ain’t got nothin’ on Proud Sam!

I hope you did something you are proud of today – minuscule or massive. Even if you’re the only one who noticed. Celebrate!

Wed Oct 26, 2022

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