Smooth Sailing

… All the way home. I left the office at ~ 3:00 pm; even stopped for pet food and still made it home in an hour!

Bear and Breakfast updated their software. Let’s hope their QA isn’t like Dyson’s. The old issues should be gone, and I pray to all the Gods that they haven’t introduced new ones.

This morning I slept in till 6:15 am so I didn’t do my morning workout, but I found that I like to dance in the evening. If my rings aren’t closed by 7:00 pm, I don’t mind bustin’ a few moves with Just Dance!

Lunch was yummy. Packing for tomorrow! … Done! – Three Korean side dishes and my pickle!

Did you know that ~ 85% of employees are disengaged? Isn’t that sad when we spend so much time at work? Also, ~ 75% of all transformation projects fail! That’s crazy! I decided to start the PMI microcredential course, and the timing was perfect because I got 35% off. I love this stuff, and I’m excited because the curriculum includes personal growth – taking stock of self as you progress through the course, which is essential if you lead a change project.


The next time I have children, I will be boarding school, full-time nanny, old money rich! Then I can say, “Ugh! God! … Mary! Please come get this fat, noisy, slobbering thing! It’s killin’ my vibe!”

🎶 A spoonful of sugar makes the poison go down, in the most delightful way 🎶

A Song from Mary Poppins

I hope you had a good day and have engaging work to do!

Tue Oct 05, 2022

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