My Elephant Titus

Did you know squirrels can drink beverages from cups with straws?

Well, now you do.

I rearranged the office a little today for foodstuff space. Bossman commented on displaying our coffee, and I volunteered my humungous glass bottle, forgetting that Titus lives there. He gave me a whole buncha grief about taking away his home, but he’s cool with the replacement jar.

My elephant Titus’ old home

I recommend always having an elephant in the room.
That way you get comfortable with ignoring things you should address.


Impulsively, I went to see Smile (2022) today and enjoyed it. And by the by, I ended up trying on the Ultra! And I am not entirely sold. I thought I’d like the placement of the buttons (that piece that juts out), but in trying it on, I am not sure. We will see! I might need to try it again, or it could also be the band colour that’s trippin’ me up.

Wed Oct 05, 2022

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