In The Kitchen

I spent most of the evening spicing up my spice rack, rearranging the kitchen a bit, since I’m gonna be in there more often and prepping a few items to make my life easier.

Making pickle and a green dressing with mint, coriander and parsley

The pickle has radishes, carrots and cabbage. Yesterday I made mango pickle – Guyanese style. I was going to take a pic of the mint, parsley, coriander and garlic dressing, but it just looks like a green smoothie.

Tomorrow’s Lunch

Lunch includes … brown sweet rice, pickle I made (which isn’t pickled yet), two Korean side dishes, seasoned anchovies and seaweed, broiled salmon with the mint parsley dressing and a few green onions. AND I think I know what my meals for the rest of the week is going to be. And finally …

Bone marrow with parsley, capers and shallot sauce

Dre cooked it all on his own! The sauce makes it for me. I cannot eat the marrow without it.

I gotta be in the office Tue, Wed and Thu this week. My bag’s packed!

Mon Oct 03, 2022

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