Did You Miss Me

… Of course you did!

Yo! I haven’t done this much crazy frantic work in a while. Yesterday I was so out of it; I couldn’t even talk to you! Sorry about that. AND I lost my thirty-three-day posting streak. AND I didn’t put anything on IG according to my schedule.

AND I’m ready to pass out again but there’s work shit I must do before Monday morning because I don’t want anybody rushing me. That anybody is Bossman, BTW.

Everything feels excellent, though – feels right!

Aw man!

Yesterday right around lunch time the power went out in the downtown core. I wanted to go home immediately cause the AC was off. I had to stay and do shit with Bossman in a hot ass, dark ass office. AND … I almost died going up eight flights of stairs – I’m not built for that shit right now! – Mind you, my heart rate didn’t skyrocket; my legs weren’t burning, but I felt like I wasn’t getting enough air in.

I got home after 6:00 pm-ish. Said I’d take a quick nap and get right back to work. Although I woke up a few times in between, I didn’t get back to my laptop until about 12:30 am – did what I had to do, then was back in bed by 4:00 am. Woke at 10:45 am, got ready for the office, and got there JIT to set up for our 1:00 pm meeting.


Today Bossman was talking bout he’s cold and making a beeline to turn down the AC – I just gave him a look like, “Nigga! If you touch that dial, I’ll kill ya!” Then he went back to his desk. lol.


Got something for ya!

As I learn, you’ll learn!



AND there’s a movie coming in September.

The Woman King

Dre saw the trailer
Sick! 😍 This is from The Black History Book by DK Penguin Random House

I had to cancel beach day with my GF again. Even though I had lots of sleep, I’m not looking forward to the travel to Burlington. This whole week, I was just looking forward to getting home and being close to my bed.

Bed! I love you!

I hope you had a great work week!

FRI AUG 12, 2022

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