Journal Entry – Mon Nov 23

I told everyone at the exec meeting that I loved them 🙂 It just came out. I said we’re maturing as a company and I was happy to be working there, and I truly am. Everything felt right this morning, so I had to say something. Why?

  1. My boss is maturing
  2. Our sales director knows his shit
  3. Things are fabulously fantastic with our European clients
  4. I have the opportunity to learn and grow – I don’t feel stifled
  5. The previously stalled U.S. project should have their first patient live beginning of December 
  6. Overall, I feel like we are moving in the right direction

I don’t think “I love you” is an executive thing to say, but I have to share my good feelings (maybe in a more tactful corporate boardroom way next time 🙂 Maybe ) – I congratulated Francois and Hugh for growing volumes in their respective regions. 

I want to work in an environment where we openly congratulate and high-five each other on individual successes because it leads to organizational success. I want us to be proud of each other like, “YEAH!!!!!! That’s my co-worker, yo!

BTW – If you also happen to be interested in having an authoritative voice, check out Speak for Success! Lots of free stuff/info. I also sent it to Dee because her boss would like her to speak up more – feedback from her performance review.

I plan to read a poem or short fiction to the kids every day to improve my presence – For the first session, they told me to slow down, don’t try to talk loud because my voice is high-pitched, and when I try to project, it sounds even higher (at least I don’t sound like a child anymore.) Matt told me to speak with more inflection, and André was incredibly hung up on the content that I didn’t get any useful feedback from him.

Dee said I should also prepare speeches instead of just reading – this will be fun because I can talk about whatever I want – drugs, sex, alcohol, rock n roll. ( That’s all I know. lol)

I am very happy today but I still wish it was Friday, even though I had a five day weekend – it is what it is!

🎶Cause I’m happy … Clap along if you know what happiness is to you … happy, happy, happy! 🎶

Feature Photo Credit: @pascalkrumm via Twenty20

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